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Games Dealers Play: Badmouthing the Trade-In

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for New cars.jpgMany potential clients contact us after being told by a dealership that their old car had been in an accident and that they can't take it as a trade-in. Sometimes, this is true:many vehicles offered for sale at car dealerships that are not safe to be driven because of prior wreck damage that was never properly repaired. But, sometimes the dealership is being dishonest. This is one of the Games Dealers Play: Badmouthing the Trade-In.

Carfax: A Good Tool, But Not A Guarantee

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for young couple researching.jpgCarfax has done a great job of marketing itself to car dealers and consumers. And, Carfax can be a helpful tool in researching the history of a used car. But, many consumers believe that a clean report means that a car has a trouble-free history. That is not necessarily the case, and relying on a Carfax report can be a big mistake.

Dealerships Not Complying With Conveyance Fees Law

Car and Money.jpgUnder a Connecticut law that went into effect last June, car dealerships must disclose their dealer conveyance fees in any advertisement of car prices. Dealerships must also give consumers a written statement of the fee and inform them that the fee is negotiable.

Is Leasing Really Fleecing?: In Most Cases, Yes

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for New cars.jpgThis is the final installment in our Blog Series Is Leasing Really Fleecing? Throughout the series, we have discussed many of the pitfalls and drawbacks of leasing cars. We wrote this series, because we realized that many of our clients who leased cars did not understand how leases work.  

Is Leasing Really Fleecing? Part 8: Is Leasing Ever Advantageous?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for young couple researching.jpgThis is the eighth of nine articles in our Blog Series Is Leasing Really Fleecing? In our previous segments, we discussed many of the disadvantages of leasing. These disadvantages include the higher costs, the high and sometimes surprising end of lease charges, and some of the pitfalls of leasing, including the high cost of early termination. We also discussed how customers who lease may be more vulnerable to unfair car dealer practices. This article will answer the question of whether it is ever advantageous to lease.

CLG In the News: Dan Blinn interviewed for new series

CLG In the News: Managing Attorney Dan Blinn was recently interviewed about the pitfalls of buying a car for a new online series called "Your Money CONNection." To see the series, which also includes interviews with various experts on topics such as investing for college, buying a home, mortgages, credit reports and credit scores, student loans, wage and salary issues, bankruptcy and more, sign up using this link.  The program, whch is sponsored by Attorney Sarah Poriss, is free and available to all Connecticut residents.

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