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Avoiding Repossessions During COVID-19 Shutdown

Thumbnail image for WIN_20200401_11_14_57_Pro.jpgAre you concerned about avoiding a repossession due to lack of work or reduced income because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Consumer Law Group Managing Attorney Dan Blinn offers advice on dealing with auto lenders in this new video.

Is Leasing Really Fleecing? Part 2: Do Leases Include Interest Charges?

Thumbnail image for New cars.jpgThis is the second of nine articles in our Blog Series Is Leasing Really Fleecing? In our previous article on How Leases Work, we stated that "interest" was one of the factors in determining the amount of the monthly lease payment. The time value of money is a significant factor in the pricing of leases. But, interest does not work the same way in leases that it does in car loans. 

The Yo-Yo Scam: The Car Dealer Takes Back the Car

In the typical Yo-Yo Scam, a car dealership tells the consumer that she is "all set" and that her credit application has been approved. She drives home in her new (or pre-owned) car and shows it off her to her friends, family, and co-workers. About a week later, the car dealer calls and says "There is a problem with the bank. Your application was not approved."

Games Dealers Play: Credit Application Fraud

All too often, consumers come home from a dealership and realize that they cannot make their new car payments. They often wonder how they could possibly have been approved for a loan that they could not afford. Most often, they are victims of credit application fraud.

Games Dealers Play: Paying off the Trade-In

Most consumers trade-in their old vehicle when buying a new car.  These deals can be complicated if there is still money owed on the trade-in, and a consumer can have real problems when the dealership does not pay off the trade-in.  

Marking Up The Interest Rate

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for New cars.jpgCar dealers like to brag about their relationships with multiple banks and finance companies, and they often imply that these connections help consumers get low interest rates.  But, many consumers would be surprised to learn that car dealers frequently mark-up the interest rates.  In many deals, the dealership makes more money by marking up the interest rate than they profit from the sale itself.

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