Serving Consumers Who Have Been Burned By An  Undisclosed Vehicle History

Depending on the age of the vehicle and the number of miles, a used car can be a sound purchase. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous auto dealers may not fully disclose the vehicle’s history. As a result, many individuals unknowingly purchase a car that has been in a major accident, that has an inaccurate odometer, or was used as a rental car. Some people learn that a vehicle’s value was grossly overstated when they try to trade it in or sell it. Any person who has sustained financial damage as a result of these tactics should seek out the counsel of skilled, knowledgeable lawyers.

Serving Consumers Throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts

At Consumer Law Group, LLC, we have a lengthy history of achieving results for consumers who have fallen victim to all types of deceitful, fraudulent acts. Since 1997, our Hartford-area attorneys have handled undisclosed vehicle history claims and related lawsuits for people across Connecticut.

Dedicated To Exposing Fraud And Recovering Compensation

One disturbing trend is for dealers to present automobiles as “certified pre-owned” (CPO) vehicles when, in fact, they have incurred severed severe structural damage that was not properly repaired. As a result, a buyer who believes he or she has a rigorously inspected vehicle that is essentially “like new” may actually find that is worth many thousands less than the purchase price.

Led by widely respected consumer rights lawyer Daniel S. Blinn, our legal team is adept at assessing whether you have a valid claim. Over our firm’s history, we have taken on all types of claims, including:

  • Actions to compel a dealer to take a fraudulently marketed used vehicle back and refund the purchase price
  • Diminished-value claims enabling recovery of the difference between the purchase price and a car’s real value based on its actual vehicle history
  • Actions arising from misrepresentation of a certified pre-owned car
  • Actions against dealers who engage in financing scams such as accepting a deposit and refusing to refund it when the law requires them to do so

Most state and federal consumer protection laws allow for the recovery of attorneys’ fees and other damages upon a successful claim. Therefore, in most cases, our clients do not pay attorneys’ fees unless we recover compensation.

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