Is Your Auto Warranty Not Being Honored?

Auto repairs are, at a bare minimum, a major inconvenience. Vehicle repairs can be a substantial financial burden as well. If you believe your repairs are covered under a warranty but the auto dealer says otherwise, you should consider discussing your situation with a consumer rights attorney.

Serving Consumers Throughout Connecticut And Western Massachusetts

At Consumer Law Group, LLC, near Hartford, our lawyers evaluate auto warranty complaints and take decisive action to protect our clients’ rights. Daniel S. Blinn, our founding attorney, is a renowned consumer advocate and the long-standing chairperson of the Connecticut chapter of the National Association of Consumer Advocates. Together, our lawyers and staff provide exceptional representation and client service.

Taking On Problems Related To New And Used Vehicle Warranties

Warranty issues can involve many different problems. For example, the auto dealer may have breached either the express warranty or the implied warranty. If the dealer deceived in regards to the vehicle’s history and condition, you may also have a claim. Even if you purchased a car “as is,” you may have legal recourse if the vehicle is unsafe or auto dealer fraud occurred. We have extensive experience holding auto dealers accountable under the law, including situations such as:

  • New car warranty problems, including dealer refusals to honor warranties
  • Claims involving used cars subject to minimum warranties under Connecticut state laws, which vary according to the model year and purchase price
  • Claims based on serious safety problems that make any vehicle unsafe for operation
  • Issues with “contract packing,” the purchase of extended warranty plans and other actions that may determine the consumer’s right to repairs and constitute truth in lending violations

In every case, you can take heart knowing we will fully investigate the facts and inform you of all of your options. Further, you most likely will not have to worry about paying for a lawyer’s services. Most consumer protection laws provide for the payment of attorney’s fees and other damages. Consequently, in most of our cases, our clients receive the highest caliber of legal representation at little or no cost. We do request a modest fee to assess auto warranty claims.

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