The following testimonial of Managing Attorney Dan Blinn was provided on the Avvo website by an attorney who represents some of the businesses that we have sued on behalf of our clients:

I have been on the opposite side of Dan [Blinn] on several cases over the last 10+ years. He is an effective advocate for his clients. He is both knowledgeable and reasonable, meaning that he knows what his clients are entitled to and doesn’t stand in the way of a reasonable settlement by exaggerating claims and making untenable legal arguments. As an adversary, when I get a case that has Dan on the other side, I instantly view it as a serious matter because I know that Dan does not bring frivolous claims. Judges respect Dan for these same qualities, but also because he is a man of his word. In a day and age when it seems like you can find a lawyer willing to say almost anything, it’s refreshing to know that, when you deal with Dan, a handshake still can carry the day. I have also watched Dan interact with his clients. He is emminently patient, highly communicative, and completely accessible In short, I don’t think you could make a better choice than Dan to handle your consumer-related claim.

Many of our clients have also provided feedback on our work. Here’s what a few of them have had to say about Consumer Law Group:

Thank you so much for everything. I couldn’t be more pleased with your professionalism and kindness. In the “scheme of things” a lot worse can and has happened in my life time – so I try to keep things in perspective. . but it’s just not a good time for me financially, so this issue was a big one for me. I just want you to know that your help has made a big difference for me. I promise to never laugh at another lawyer joke.”

Auto Dealer Fraud client.- September 2015

I really appreciate how thoughtful and professional you have been during my entire case. I can finally put this dreadful ordeal behind me and have some peace of mind that I was not completely taken advantage of. I am deeply grateful for all your help”

Undisclosed V ehicle History Client March 2015

As a young women from out of state having lost all my savings I was distraught, seeking help. Despite my emotional state Mr.Blinn remained calm, focused and on task. He was very clear in explaining my responsibilities, what steps he would be taking, and did not feed me false hopes. I was always informed step by step, he took the time to explain anything and everything. And don’t let me forget Dora. She couldn’t be more pleasant to deal with on the phone and just as informative. She even recognized my voice when I called. Mr. Blinn was successful in my case and more than fair. We even laughed together in our last conversation. Thank you for helping me conquer this overwhelming stressful hurtle. Your honesty and services help me believe good people can win. I would gladly recommend Consumer Law Group.

Auto Warranty Client – February 2015

“I want to thank you so much for all the time you spent on my case so far. It’s been a pleasure working with you and Dora, who has been fantastic on keeping me in the loop.

Auto Dealer Fraud Client – July 2014

“You did such a good job of keeping us informed of what is happening with our case that I never had to wonder what was going on. Thank you!”

Auto Warranty Client- June 2014

“I would recommend you to anybody. You promised me that you would keep me informed on the case, and that is exactly what you did. I was never in the dark about anything. I really appreciate you guys. Whenever you were not available, Dora stepped in and filled in the gaps. Sometimes when an attorney is out of town or not available, there is no one to talk to, but your office was always there for me. “
Auto Dealer Fraud Client, June 2014

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did on my case. I really appreciate what you did for me. I will be passing your names around in case anyone needs help.”

Auto Warranty Client May 2014

“[Dan Blinn is]a man of morals. Someone who you can rely on when you need him the most. A pleasure to be around. An all around model lawyer. I’m glad to have met this amazing lawyer His firm is a solid practice. Would highly recommend.”

Debt Collection Client April 2014

Thank you and Attorney Blinn for everything! Its been a absolute pleasure working with your firm.”

Auto Warranty Client March 2014

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your excellent work, for your commitment and straightforward communication.”

Lemon Law Client December 2013

“I was pleased […] that [Dan] stayed in contact with me. Attorney Blinn led me step by step as to what I needed to do . He enabled me to quit worrying and I gave him my total confidence. He did not let me down, and he always made time for my calls. I would give this man 10 stars!”

Auto Dealer Fraud Client November 2013

“I would like to thank you for all you have done for us. We really needed you at one of the most difficult times in our lives. You and your staff cared and were truly invested in the best outcome for us. I’m not sure I have ever been able to say that about anyone, ever.”

Motor Vehicle Breach of Warranty Client April 2013

“I have used atty. Blinn on 2 pressing cases that I had, atty Blinn was very sensitive, and attentive to the matters at hand. Atty. Blinn and his group give the true meaning of the word professionalism on all levels, whether it was keeping me informed continually, to explaining matters to me in a way that all my questions were answered and explained in great detail. I would highly recommend this atty. and his group.”

Debt Collection Client 2012

I was referred to Dan by my attorney to help resolve a thorny credit issue. Over the phone and via e-mail he guided me precisely on how to respond and proceed, even giving me an exact written template to follow. The issue was resolved to our desired outcome in an unexpectedly timely and efficient manner. Throughout the whole process Dan was exceedingly responsive, informative and realistic. I have nothing but the highest praise for this gentleman.

Credit Dispute Client 2011

There aren’t enough positive words that could represent Dan Blinn !! He has gone above and beyond my expectations. He not only showed his expertise and knowledge of my case, but truly showed his compassion for my family and his sincerity in making sure that justice was served for my family. I’m truly stating from my heart that because of his dedication to my case, he has given my family a fresh start and another chance to succeed!! Thank you Attorney Blinn!

Debt Collection Client 2010

Consumer Law Group has been so helpful to myself and my family. Attorney Blinn as well as his staff are pleasant and so very professional. They are truly for the consumer. Attorney Blinn is so bright and obviously an expert in his field. He is soft spoken but tough. He is reassuring and willing to work on a strategy that not only involves his opinion but the clients input as well. He is always available to answer questions. I would highly recommend The Consumer Law Group

Debt Collection Client 2009