Volkswagen Emissions Update: Free Webinar on October 1

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2015 | Volkswagen

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Many consumers who own Volkswagen TDI diesel vehicles are understandably upset in light of VW’s admission that it cheated on federal emissions standards. As widely reported, Volkswagen installed software that disabled emissions control devices during normal operations. This has caused the vehicles to release many times the permissible levels of nitrogen oxide.

The Environmental Protection Agency has ordered a recall on a half-million VW TDI vehicles sold in the United States. It is widely expected that, once the recall work has been performed, these vehicles will be less fuel efficient, will suffer from reduced performance, or both. Consumers who own these vehicles can expect that they will be worth considerably less as a result of this predicament.

The reaction of government agencies and private attorneys has been swift. The EPA and the US Justice Department continue to investigate and will likely impose significant fines and possibly criminal charges against Volkswagen. The attorneys general in many states, including Connecticut, have opened investigations. And, many class action lawsuits have been filed throughout the country.

Many consumers have contacted us to ask about their rights. We understand that many individuals do not want to wait for the government investigations or the class actions to get relief.

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In order to inform our friends and clients about their rights, we have scheduled a free webinar on Thursday, October 1, for consumers who purchased their vehicles from car dealerships in Connecticut or Massachusetts. Participants can log-in on a computer or mobile device and learn about their rights and legal options.

The webinar will be on Thursday, October 1 at 6:00 pm. Although there is no cost, advance registration is required. Contact us in order to register.