State law protects buyers of used cars before and after the sale

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Auto Warranty

Connecticut has laws which authorized used car dealerships have to follow.

These laws are there to protect customers from paying way too much for a car that has significant mechanical problems.

Before the sale of a vehicle, a prospective buyer has the right to have their mechanic to inspect the vehicle. A used car dealer cannot demand a person buy the vehicle on the spot.

Connecticut requires car dealers to provide warranties

In some cases, used car dealers cannot sell a vehicle as is, meaning that once the buyer completes the sale and pulls it off the lot, he or she is ordinarily responsible for any repairs.

For example, if a dealer is selling a car less than 7 years old and at more than $5,000, then the dealer has to offer a warranty of 60 days or 3,000 miles. For a vehicle being sold for at least $3,000 but less than $5,000, then the warranty has to be for 30 days or 1,500 miles.

The warranty does not have to cover all repairs, but the dealer is responsible during the warranty period to do whatever it takes to keep the car running and safe.

Unfortunately, many used car dealers may try to get around these rules. For instance, although they are not supposed to do so, dealers may try to get a customer to agree to pay for half of the repairs or to cover the cost of parts but not labor.

A customer who has problems with his or her vehicle warranty may have legal options available.