Reminders for used car purchases in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2021 | Auto Dealer Fraud

Many people consider buying used cars because they are often more affordable than brand-new cars. A used car purchase is a still a large transaction, however, and there is important information available for consumers in Connecticut to keep in mind.

Connecticut law requires dealers to inform consumers when a vehicle is sold as-is and must allow the consumer or a mechanic to inspect the car before the purchase. Dealers must also provide the consumer with a contract for sale which contains all of the legally required express warranties, among other requirements.

These rules apply to transactions other than private sales.

Buyer tips

Buyers can take the car for a test drive and may want to look the car over carefully in daylight, which makes damage or defects easier to see.

They can also check the vehicle’s history by using the car’s vehicle identification number, also known as a VIN. It can be helpful to use this information to compare to the car’s odometer. Sometimes, dealers will roll back the odometer to make the used car appear to have lower mileage and as a result, a higher value.

Online purchases

In the last year, the availability of online purchases and no-contact vehicle delivery has increased.

Buyers who are purchasing a car online can often research the dealer they want to purchase from, read reviews and experiences from other buyers and see photos. However, buyers can still review the terms of the sale the same way they would with an in-person purchase.

Sometimes, despite these precautions there are dealers who conduct fraudulent transactions. An experienced attorney can help buyers who have questions and provide guidance about how to address fraudulent sales.