Auto dealer fraud alleged against people who sold vehicles online

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Auto Dealer Fraud

When people in Connecticut and the surrounding areas buy a used vehicle, they are placing an inherent level of trust in the person or company selling it. Because the vehicle’s history plays such a significant role in its durability, its safety and its function, buyers should be aware of their rights if they believe they have been victims of fraud. There are many ways in which used car dealers might behave unethically and illegally and those who find proof or think they were impacted should take appropriate steps to recover financially for all they have lost.

Online used car sellers arrested for fraud

Used vehicles registered in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island were found to have had their mileage tampered with. This resulted in three people being arrested for auto fraud. The vehicles were sold via social media and the people were arrested in Providence. They were not sufficiently licensed to sell used vehicles. The investigation started after issues were discovered with one vehicle’s paperwork. Both the vehicle documents and the vehicle itself appeared to have had its odometer rolled back. After looking deeper into the case, at least 50 vehicles across three states were found with similar concerns. Two men, 49 and 21, and a woman, 34, were arrested. The eldest man stated that he was licensed to sell used cars, but was not. They face numerous charges.

Used car buyers should be cognizant of potential scams

Purchasing a car – even a used vehicle – is one of the largest purchases a person will make. When moving forward with the purchase, there are documents that accompany the vehicle. Often, people are unsure of what these documents say and mean. Unscrupulous dealers or people who claim to be dealers might try to take advantage of customers. Examples include lying about damage the vehicle might have incurred in the past, trying to get more money than was initially agreed upon, problems with warranties, refusal to give refunds and more. To seek compensation, it is important to understand the steps.

Having legal representation may help with an auto fraud case

This case is an example of the types of illegal behaviors people who are selling cars might try to use to maximize how much they get for a vehicle. If there is a suspicion of auto fraud, victims should make sure to protect themselves. Consulting with those experienced in these types of cases may be helpful in recovering what was lost and holding those who violated the law accountable.