What can you learn from a VIN search?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Used Car, Used Cars

Every vehicle is a unique machine that comes with a unique identifier – a vehicle identification number. Known as a “VIN” number, this identifier is an alphanumeric code that provides important information about the vehicle’s history. There are ways for Connecticut-based prospective vehicle buyers to search VIN numbers to learn more about the automobiles they are interested in purchasing.

This post will discuss some of the information that individuals can learn from searching VIN numbers. No part of this post offers legal advice, but readers are encouraged to speak with auto fraud attorneys about possible claims they may have if they have been deceived in the process of buying defective used vehicles.

Information attached to VIN numbers

A lot of information is attached to VIN numbers. From a VIN number, a prospective buyer can learn when a vehicle was manufactured and if it has been subject to any recalls. It can show where a vehicle has been registered by its previous owners and if it has been damaged from flooding or serious accidents. A VIN number can shed significant light on a vehicles history and whether it may contain hidden defects or past damage that is otherwise concealed from prospective buyers’ sight.

Why vehicle information is important before a sale

Many used vehicles are safe and reliable investments for prospective buyers. However, some used vehicles are damaged and dangerous without being apparently hazardous. Before a buyer commits to purchasing a used vehicle, they should learn as much as they possibly can about it so that they can make an informed decision about the vehicle’s utility and value before committing to buy it.

It is also possible that some sellers may attempt to defraud buyers by hiding damage and defects in used vehicles. Buyers can often learn about these deficiencies through independent inquiries about the vehicles’ histories. VIN numbers are excellent tools to assist vehicle buyers in their investigations about used vehicles, and automobile fraud attorneys can offer guidance and advocacy for victims of automobile sale fraud.