Can a dealership hide that a used car has a salvage title?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Auto Dealer Fraud

Buying a used car is a major investment. You will likely depend on that vehicle to get to work or to safely transport your children to and from school. You should know the condition of the vehicle based on your test drive and the disclosures made by the salesperson who helps you with the transaction.

The sad truth is that some people working at dealerships will avoid telling the whole truth about a vehicle’s history. For example, they may not tell you that the vehicle you are about to buy has a salvage title because they had to rebuild it after an insurance company declared it a total loss.

Is it legal for a dealership to hide the fact that they rebuilt a vehicle?

Buyers should have full disclosure about used vehicles

Any information the salesperson or dealership has about defects to the vehicle or issues that could affect its value should be available to the buyer as well. Proactively letting someone know that a vehicle has a salvage title and that mechanics professionally rebuilt it allows that buyer to make an informed decision.

In Connecticut, to sell a vehicle with a salvage title, it will have to undergo a state inspection. The repairs made by the dealership must be good enough for the vehicle to pass that inspection and for them to legally sell the vehicle to you. Even then, they should disclose its status to you. Some issues, like a bent frame, could compromise the vehicle’s safety in future crashes even after repairs.

Discovering significant, undisclosed issues with a used vehicle could be a sign of dealership fraud in your recent purchase. It’s wise to find out what legal options you have.