Connecticut ranks high for auto fraud in the U.S.

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Auto Dealer Fraud

Did you know Connecticut ranks among the top states with auto fraud based upon data provided by the Federal Trade Commission?

Unfortunately, in 2020, 120,000 cases of auto fraud took place in the United States. In Connecticut, 318.9 incidents were reported per million residents. That places Connecticut as the state with the fourth highest rate in the country.

In total, residents in Connecticut made up 1,137 cases of auto fraud in 2020. This means that you’re more likely to be taken advantage of during the purchase of a vehicle in Connecticut than in a typical state around the country.

What kinds of auto fraud were included in the report?

Auto fraud comes in many forms. It could include mechanics who charge too much for their services intentionally. It could include those who double their prices for some and not others. Price gouging, whether at a mechanic’s shop or the dealership itself is a major cause of complaints.

Another common type of auto fraud is making unnecessary repairs to vehicles to increase the cost of repairs. Some dealerships or mechanics may charge for unused parts, too.

Dealerships may sell consumers useless warranties, unnecessary add-ons or mislead them on what is or is not covered if their vehicle breaks down in the first few months or miles after purchase. Dealers might lie about the customer’s credit score to mislead them about what they can buy. They may charge interest rates that are obscenely high compared to what they should be.

There is also the risk that a vehicle’s history could be manipulated or hidden so that a buyer doesn’t know that it was in a crash or had flood damage, for example. All of these issues could lead to consumer complaints and claims after buying a lemon of a vehicle.

It’s not clear why Connecticut ranks so high on the list of states with the most auto fraud, but knowing that it does means that you do need to be cautious when you’re buying a vehicle. Whether you’re buying used or new, need repairs or are just on the hunt for a good deal, it is essential to do research on the dealership and the vehicle you’re interested in buying.