3 lies you may hear from a car salesman

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Auto Dealer Fraud

When you go to buy a car, the salesman is probably very invested in making that sale. This is because most people who work in this industry get paid on commission. If you leave without buying the car, they don’t make any money and they’ve just wasted their time. They’ll do anything they can to make sure that you believe you’re making the right purchase.

Unfortunately, in some cases, this means that they may lie to you. They may try to manipulate you or even commit fraud. Don’t underestimate the impact that potential financial gain can have on someone. Someone may seem like they have your best interests at heart, but they may actually just be trying to get you to spend money. Here are a few different lies they may tell you.

They just sold your car

One way they could do it is by telling you that the car you wanted to look at recently sold. They may then tell you that they have something else on the lot, and it’s pretty similar, but it’s just a little bit more money. It could be that the other car never existed or that it never sold, and they’re just trying to upsell you into something else.

The car has been excellently maintained

You always want to check the maintenance records. If it’s a used car, the dealer may claim that it’s been maintained perfectly over its entire life. But how often do you forget to make oil changes on time or skip different types of maintenance? The car may be in far worse condition than you realize.

The car’s crash record means it’s in perfect condition

Sometimes, dealers will look at the crash records for a vehicle and say that it’s never been in an accident. This means, they claim, that it’s in perfect condition. But there’s no guarantee that a car is in perfect condition even if it hasn’t been an accident. There’s also no guarantee that that vehicle wasn’t in an accident that simply wasn’t reported or that the dealer is conveniently “forgetting” about.

If you believe you’ve been lied to and victimized by some type of fraud or an auto scam, you need to know exactly what legal options you have.