What should you know about a salvaged title in Connecticut?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Used Cars

Anyone who’s in the market for a used vehicle should understand some of the intricacies of automobile titles in Connecticut. One thing that you should definitely know about is what it means when a title has been marked as “salvage” because this directly impacts what you can do with the vehicle. 

A salvage stamp on a title means that the vehicle has been in an accident and the insurance company declared it was a total loss. Once this occurs, the vehicle can’t be insured. It also can’t be registered or driven in Connecticut. 

Can someone rebuild a vehicle with a salvaged title?

Vehicles with a salvaged title can be rebuilt in some cases. Those that can’t be rebuilt under any circumstance include those marked as:

  • Salvage unrebuildable
  • Salvage parts only
  • Salvage unrepairable

If the vehicle can be rebuilt, the repairs must be completed and it must be inspected before it can be titled again. The salvage inspection includes reviewing all repairs made to the vehicle. The inspector can be very thorough in this inspection. They may even ask for sealer or undercoating to be removed so they can look beneath it. They may also ask for parts to be removed from the vehicle so they can inspect them.

Misrepresentation by a used car salesperson can lead to a shock when a person tries to obtain insurance or license plates for the vehicle. Learning about your right to take legal action in these circumstances is beneficial. Working with someone who’s familiar with these cases can help you to learn your options and take action as quickly as possible.