Is it legal for a dealership to hide that a vehicle has a salvage title?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Auto Dealer Fraud

Buying a used vehicle comes with many advantages. After all, it is usually offered at a lower price than new vehicles, and you don’t have to deal with the immediate depreciation of new vehicles.

When you make this purchase, you likely rely on the vehicle to get you safely to work and take your children to school. Because it will be a “daily driver,” you need to know the vehicle’s condition before you sign the paperwork.

Unfortunately, not everyone who works at a dealership is honest about the vehicles they sell. An example is if a salesperson doesn’t let you know a vehicle has a salvage title. You may wonder – is this even legal?

You deserve full disclosure for the vehicle you plan to purchase

All information a salesperson or dealership has regarding vehicle defects or issues that may impact its value should be provided to the buyer. Letting a potential buyer know that a vehicle comes with a salvage title and that it was professionally rebuilt allows buyers to make informed decisions.

It is permitted for dealers to sell a vehicle with a salvage title; however, it must first undergo a state inspection in Connecticut. The repairs made by the dealership must be sufficient for the vehicle to pass the inspection and for the vehicle to be legally sold. Even in this case, the status should be disclosed. Issues like a bent frame may impact the vehicle’s safety during an accident.

Understanding dealership fraud

If you discover there are significant undisclosed issues with a used vehicle, it may be dealership fraud. You have legal options if this is the case and may be able to recover damages.