The auto dealer is not your friend

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Auto Dealer Fraud

When you buy a new car, one thing that the car salesman may try to do is create a feeling of friendship between the two of you. They’ll probably indicate that they are simply trying to help you solve the problem you have, which is that you need to buy a new car. They are on your side and they want to help you find the ideal car for your life.

This tactic is simply a psychological trick to make you more likely to buy the vehicle because you think that the salesperson is working for you or with you. But they are not. They are working for the dealership and this is a business transaction. Their goal is simply to get you to purchase the vehicle for the most profit, regardless of what would actually be best for you.

This is not the only psychological trick

Salespeople use a lot of different tactics to do this. They use different closing tactics, they try to manipulate you into buying things that you don’t need, they try to upsell you on certain features and much more. Always remember that their goal, no matter how they frame it, is to get you to spend money. 

For instance, they may make it seem like they’re just trying to help you by telling you about a useful feature that you should upgrade to, but they just want you to view it that way so that you’re more likely to purchase it.

In some cases, a salesperson may talk you into buying a vehicle that you never should’ve purchased in the first place. Maybe it has undisclosed damage, for instance, or maybe it is a known lemon. But they simply want to close the deal, so they may try to trick you into making the offer anyway.

If this means that you end up with a defective vehicle that doesn’t actually suit your needs, then you need to know about all of your legal options.