Month: March 2015

Do You Really Need a New Car?

A recent Consumer Reports article asks the question that every new car buyer should ask before going to the car dealership: Do You Really Need a New Car?: New-car envy. It can creep up anytime. It may snag you at a stoplight when a muscle car or luxury sedan sidles...

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Games Dealers Play: Powerbooking

Powerbooking is one of the most common types of credit application fraud that car dealers commit. A car dealership powerbooks when it tells a bank or finance company that a car or truck is loaded even though it does not have many of the options that are described. For...

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When Car Dealers Commit Forgery

Do car dealer employees commit forgery? "It is like smoking a cigarette," said one employee of a major Connecticut car dealership. This individual, a salesman who was upset with his employer, had agreed to talk with me about dealership practices. He confirmed what we...

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