Lemon Law

Can your car warranty be voided?

When you purchase a vehicle, the manufacturer or dealer will provide you with a warranty. This is a contract that promises to care for covered repairs provided that you live up to your end of the bargain. And just as with any contract, a warranty can be voided if you...

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What to do if your car is a lemon

The last thing you want after purchasing a new vehicle is to start experiencing mechanical problems. It can be challenging, especially if you put everything into buying what you thought would be a reliable vehicle to meet your daily transport needs. Fortunately, there...

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What are lemon laws?

Lemon laws provide many important protections for car shoppers, car purchasers and consumers. For that reason, anyone considering a car purchase or who has recently purchased a car should be familiar with lemon laws. What is a considered a lemon? What qualifies as a...

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