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When Buying Used, Avoid Curbsiders

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Inspection.jpgConsumers can save a lot of money by buying a used car from a private seller rather than going to a dealership. Private sellers will usually sell for a lot less than a dealership would charge for a comparable vehicle. But, when buying from a private seller, consumers must be careful to avoid curbsiders.

Dealerships Not Complying With Conveyance Fees Law

Car and Money.jpgUnder a Connecticut law that went into effect last June, car dealerships must disclose their dealer conveyance fees in any advertisement of car prices. Dealerships must also give consumers a written statement of the fee and inform them that the fee is negotiable.

Keep Service Records to Protect Auto Warranty Rights

Thumbnail image for oil change.jpgOne of the advantages to buying a new car is that the manufacturer's warranty should cover major repairs. in order to protect auto warranty rights, it is important to follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule.

Is Leasing Really Fleecing?: In Most Cases, Yes

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for New cars.jpgThis is the final installment in our Blog Series Is Leasing Really Fleecing? Throughout the series, we have discussed many of the pitfalls and drawbacks of leasing cars. We wrote this series, because we realized that many of our clients who leased cars did not understand how leases work.  

How Many Keys Come With Used Cars?

Thumbnail image for Car and Money.jpgNew cars typically come with two remote control keys. But, many consumers are surprised when they are given a single key after purchasing used cars from a dealership, and they are understandably upset when they learn that it will cost $300-$400 to purchase another key.

Is Leasing Really Fleecing? Part 8: Is Leasing Ever Advantageous?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for young couple researching.jpgThis is the eighth of nine articles in our Blog Series Is Leasing Really Fleecing? In our previous segments, we discussed many of the disadvantages of leasing. These disadvantages include the higher costs, the high and sometimes surprising end of lease charges, and some of the pitfalls of leasing, including the high cost of early termination. We also discussed how customers who lease may be more vulnerable to unfair car dealer practices. This article will answer the question of whether it is ever advantageous to lease.

Is Leasing Really Fleecing? Part 7: Early Termination Charges

This is the seventh of nine articles in our Blog Series Is Leasing Really Fleecing? In our previous segment, we addressed some of the pitfalls in leases. Perhaps the biggest pitfall is the high costs of early termination charges.

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