Month: February 2023

End of Lease Options

If you are coming to the end of a car lease, you are probably getting calls from your dealership encouraging you to come in to lease another car. But, before you turn in your vehicle, you should be aware that you might be better buying the car that you already own....

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What is a bait-and-switch?

A bait and switch is a type of consumer scam. It is usually illegal, but it does still happen. Essentially, it occurs when a business advertises that they have a certain product at a certain price. When the customer gets to the store to buy that product, however, they...

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What games do auto dealers play?

When you go to the car dealership, you’re probably just looking to get a fair deal on a vehicle that you need. For you, this is a utilitarian transaction. But the car dealership likely views it as something far different, as they are only focused on making that sale....

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