Home Improvement Hassles – Dan Blinn in the News

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2019 | Home Improvement


Consumer Law Group Managing Attorney Daniel Blinn was recently interviewed by NBC 30 News about a consumer who hired a Home Improvement contractor who did not finish the job.

The story, which broadcast on November 8, 2019, discussed a Wallingford resident who hired a home improvement contractor to repave his driveway. The contractor completed the subbase but did not come back to finish the paving work. 

NBC 30 interviewed Dan Blinn and asked his advice on what a homeowner should do under these circumstances. Blinn offered the following consumer tips: 

“If the consumer had given the contractor an opportunity to finish the work and if the contractor failed or refused to do so, then the consumer does have the right to go elsewhere.”  

He recommended  putting the contractor on notice:

 “Send a letter to the contractor, letting him know exactly what the problem is and give them a reasonable period of time to finish or repair any defective work,” 

 If there’s no response, Blinn says consumers could go elsewhere and they could be entitled to compensation if they have damages”..


“A consumer may have damages because they don’t have the ability to use their property or perhaps work that had to be done previously isn’t able to utilize later because of the passage of time,” said Blinn.

Blinn also recommends that, before hiring any home improvement contractor, make sure they’re licensed with the state. It’s also helpful to review websites to see if there are any complaints against the company.