Why Does the State Tolerate Auto Dealer Fraud?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2020 | Auto Dealer Fraud

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The most frequently asked question that we hear from consumers who have been victimized by Auto Dealer Fraud is “How Do They Get Away With It?”. We regularly see examples of auto dealers committing fraud, forgery, odometer violations, and the sale of dangerous cars. We also see many examples of credit application fraud by dealers. Many consumers go to on-line review sites after they experience a problem, and they realize that the dealership did the same thing to many other consumers.

So, they want to know: Why does the state tolerate auto dealer fraud?

One problem is that the police often refuse to investigate when consumers complain about illegal activity by a regulated business. The common refrain is that they consider such conduct to be a a “civil matter”.

Additionally, the state agencies charged with enforcing consumer protection laws (the CT Department of Motor Vehicles and the CT Department of Consumer Protection) have limited resources, and they have not prioritized consumer complaints against auto dealerships.

So, consumers victimized by Auto Dealer Fraud are often forced to deal with these issues on their own. Consumer Law Group is here to help consumers with such claims, we have successfully handled more than 1,200 cases against car dealers. But, most of these lawsuits wind up settling, and only a small percentage of cases even get brought. So, unethical car dealerships find it more profitable to violate the law. Effective state action would be a far more effective deterrent.

For that to happen, the state must commit the resources to fighting auto dealer fraud. Unfortunately, few consumers take the necessary steps that could lead to more effective enforcement of existing laws. If you have been a victim of auto dealer fraud, let your state representatives know about it. Tell them that this is an important issue to you. Click here to learn how. Just a few minutes of your time can make a big difference.