Toxic Car Dealerships

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2020 | Auto Dealer

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A recent lawsuit filed by employees of a New Jersey auto dealer shows the toxic atmosphere that exists in some car dealerships. 

While there are many car dealers that respect their employees and customers, we have heard many stories from employees and consumers about racist and sexist conduct by the owners and managers of certain Connecticut dealerships. Many of these dealerships have frequently engaged in serious auto dealer fraud.

A recently filed lawsuit by former employees of a New Jersey Ford and Nissan dealership describes conduct similar to their stories. An article about the lawsuit in the New York Post states that the lawsuit acuses dealership bosses of mocking a mentally challenged man, sexually harassing female workers, and taunting a Muslim salesman. 

All employees and customers of any business should be treated with respect. And, they should be treated faiirly. While the allegations against the New Jersey dealership have not been proven in court, we applaud the employees who have come forward and spoken out against improper conduct.