Be careful when shopping for a car online

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Auto Dealer Fraud

When a Connecticut resident needs a new car chances are they will search the internet first before heading into the dealership. This can be a good way of checking prices, models, features, etc., but a recent article in PC Magazine highlights the deceptive nature of some auto dealer pricing.

Deceptive pricing for online cars

Shopping online for a new or used car using sites like, Autotrader, Edmunds, etc. is a popular way for a consumer to do research on their potential future car. These sites offer the ability to compare features, prices, dealerships, etc. without ever having to leave home. A consumer may think that the “internet price” that is listed on the website is the price of the car but that may not always be the case.

There are some dealerships that put an “internet price” on their cars that is a promotional price after a down payment. These listings can give a lower price on the site making consumers think that they are getting a good deal. But when they get to the dealership and sign the final paperwork, the price may be much higher, sometimes as much as $2,000. Some of the dealerships have a caveat in fine print on their listings that the internet price is after a substantial down payment is made but there are others that don’t say that at all.

Auto dealer fraud

If a consumer believes they have been the victim of an auto dealer fraud, they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in this area. An attorney can be an invaluable ally for their client. They understand that some auto dealers want to take advantage of their customers and an attorney can help their client uncover that fraud and hold the dealership accountable.