Women, make sure you do your homework before buying a car

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Auto Dealer Fraud

In a perfect world, all auto dealers would be forthright and honest. Well, it’s not a perfect world, as many car buyers have ruefully discovered. And if you are female, you may be zeroed in on by auto dealers who assume that you are so clueless about auto buying that they can maneuver you into purchasing a vehicle that is beyond your means.

One study stated that nearly half of female millennial car buyers felt conned into saying yes to unneeded, costly extras. Just 34 percent of male car buyers in the same age group felt that way. A different study done at Yale University noted that women are frequently presented with list prices that are approximately $200 more than prices provided to men.

The smartest strategy for women who want a car is to be as knowledgeable as possible before venturing into a showroom. That way, you are less susceptible to being fast-talked into a deal that isn’t a good fit for you.

Tips for female car buyers

Do careful planning beforehand, and the results will probably be much more favorable than if you rely on auto dealers telling the truth. This advice applies to anyone in the market for a new ride.

  • If you have a long commute to work, you might prefer a vehicle that gets great gas mileage. If you travel, an SUV would be better suited for loads of luggage than a sedan. Should you lease or buy? New versus used? All these issues deserve to be considered before you spend a dime.
  • Don’t necessarily sign on the dotted line for the first vehicle you like. Shop around.
  • The internet has tons of readily accessible, practical vehicle information. You can check dealers’ inventories, study prices and pore over comments about different makes and models.
  • How much can you comfortably spend?

With plenty of facts at your fingertips, you’ll be more self-assured and less nervous as well.

You suspect that you’re a victim of auto sales fraud

Sometimes, even the most educated auto buyer can get duped by an unscrupulous auto dealer. If that happened to you, you might need someone to advocate for you to make things right.