Beware of “Certified Pre-Owned” scams

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Auto Dealer Fraud

For many Connecticut residents, buying a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from an auto dealer makes good financial sense.

While they tend to cost more than other used cars, Certified Pre-Owned vehicles on the other hand cost much less than purchasing a new car off the lot.

Moreover, Certified Pre-Owned vehicles have to meet certain defined criteria, including a thorough multi-point inspection and update. Usually, they also come with a warranty backed by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

It’s important to know what you’re getting with the Certified Pre-Owned vehicle

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous auto dealers who take advantage of the fact that the Certified Pre-Owned label means different things depending on the circumstances.

Different car manufacturers have different criteria for their Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

Furthermore, certain dealers may offer their own Certified Pre-Owned programs which may or may not be as high caliber as those offered through manufacturers. These programs also do not always come with a warranty.

Connecticut auto dealers do not have to offer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles at all, but if they represent that a vehicle is Certified Pre-Owned, they have to be truthful and clear about what that label means.

Moreover, the dealer cannot sell a vehicle as Certified Pre-Owned if the vehicle does not qualify for the program.

In an effort to command a higher price, a dealer may, for example, improperly market a vehicle as Certified Pre-Owned when it in fact has been in an accident or has other serious mechanical issues.

Should a Connecticut resident discover that they did not get what they paid for in a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle because of deception by the auto dealer, then they may have legal options available to them.